Sometimes we feel Stuck

“Let no one who loves be unhappy, even love unreturned has its rainbow.” ~James M. Barrie

My first experience with unrequited love took place when I was a little kid at swimming lessons.

I developed a huge crush on one of the instructors. I don’t remember his name, but I remember the excruciating feeling of absolutely adoring someone who didn’t even know I existed. I wish I could say that this was a one-time experience, but it wasn’t.

Sadly, this pattern continued for many years. I seemed to have a radar device installed in my heart that would automatically fixate on the man least likely to return my affections and bam, I had to have him. Only it never worked out.

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What are the lessons people learn after a breakup?


  1. He/she was definitely not the one.
  2. You start to love and respect yourself more.
  3. You learn to give yourself more time and space.
  4. You learn to never be in a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship.
  5. No one, absolutely no one gives a damn. Some people are in fact happy that you broke up.
  6. Girls are really strong individuals, emotionally.
  7. Everyone should have a heartbreak, to know how to deal with people and their behavior.
  8. People learn to form a wall and a limit to how much they can give. First time is the most childish and vulnerable you will ever be.
  9. You will stop chasing guys/girls because you know now, it’s not bread and butter.
  10. You will learn to express and apologies more often. Because your ego and attitude is of no use, once he/she is gone. You can wish you could have done this or done that earlier, but now it’s gone. It can’t be undone.
  11. You understand people’s worth in your life is temporary. No matter how close he/she is. Priorities can always change.
  12. Time is the ultimate healer. You will learn that nothing helps you better than time. Not only in love, but in all the difficult situations you face in life. You will learn to give it time. It will pass.

Sairam Raccha


To The Person Who Emotionally Destroyed Me – Thank You

Imagine this scenario: a Man sitting on his bathroom floor, banging his fists onto the ground as he tries to silence his sobs, calm his beating heart and make sense of the breakup.

Now, what I want you to do is imagine my face. Because that Man on the bathroom floor was me. I was that Man after you emotionally destroyed me. After months and months of feeling not good enough. After months and months of you choosing other people over me. After you – taking me for granted.

And I want to tell you that I don’t hate you. Instead, I want to say – thank you.

Because after months and months of you emotionally abusing me, I realized that it is not that I wasn’t good enough for you – it was you. You were the toxic one.

I am finally coming out of that dark place that you’ve put me in. You no longer have power over me. I remind myself every single day of my worth and that I am enough.

I deserve better than your fake honey words that completely distorted my perception of true love. I deserve better than someone who takes me for granted and ignores me. I deserve better than someone who has broken my heart without a second thought.

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It’s a not a Break-up but wake up


Only thing I can say is that there are other important things also in life. Love should be in give and take manner, both things are equally important. If you are not getting love or If you are able to give love, then need to quit that job relationship. Though is takes time but time heels everything. Only question is that time varies from person to person. Start diverting your mind and concentrate on other hobbies/activities you interested in.

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Don’t Try To Make Someone Stay, Let Him go


couple-sitting-on-stoop-looking-sad      When you love someone who no longer wants to be part of your life, it hurts like hell. There’s no sugarcoating it.

When you’ve put someone first for so long, provided as much love and affection as you possibly could and bent over backward for a person who decides exiting your life for good is the answer, your heart will inevitably snap.

You’ll be filled with an overwhelming emptiness you’ll find near impossible to ignore.

Don’t consider this message tough love; I’m just telling you so you can brace yourself if this should happen to you, too.

So many of us try so desperately to convince that person to stay. Why?

Is it because you’re scared of a life without him or her? Is it because you’re used to him or her being there? Is it because you love this person that much?

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Don’t beg: when to walk away from someone




Many people will go to great lengths and put up with a lot of hardship to keep their significant other around, or to try and keep the interest of a potential partner. If they’re not good enough for you, if they don’t value you like they should, or if they’re not interested – move on.

Too many people make the mistake of staying with a partner that isn’t good for them. Sometimes, this is because it’s too painful to let the relationship go after they’ve invested so much time and energy into it. Other times it’s because they genuinely think that their partner will be able to change for the better. It’s understandable – ending a relationship can be an extremely distressing experience, especially when you depend on your partner for emotional, financial or practical support, or you fear their reaction.


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Great Personalities

Jamsetji Tata


The Greatest entrepreneur and business tycoon that India has ever seen, Jamsetji Tata set the foundation of the Tata Group of companies.

Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata was born to Nusserwanji and Jeevanbai Tata on 3 March 1839 in Navsari, a small town in South Gujarat. Tata was the first businessman in a family of Parsi Zoroastrian priests. It was only natural that Nusserwanji, would, as usual join the family priesthood, but the enterprising youngster broke the tradition to become the first member of the family to try his hand at business. He started trading in Mumbai.

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